Cary Conference 2011 will occupy three full days. All participants will be required to arrive the day before the start of the conference (Monday, May 9, 2011) and attend the entire conference. Proceedings will begin Tuesday morning (May 10) and run through Thursday evening (May 12). All conference sessions and meals (except the final banquet) will take place at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY.

The conference program will include plenary presentations by invited speakers, small group discussions and a keynote address. Each of the three days of our conference will follow a similar schedule, with 20-30 minute talks in the morning followed by ten minutes for questions and answers after each talk. Talks will be followed by lunch. Afternoons will begin with participants meeting in breakout groups on a range of relevant topics. Meetings of breakout groups will be followed by an hour and a half of free time.


Day 1

The presentations and discussions on this first day will introduce important issues for the conference:

1) the need for better linking ecological science and the study of ethics

2) the conceptual tool worldviews that will be used to frame the interdisciplinary opportunities and needs

3) key aspects of the nature of contemporary ecology

4) a first look at philosophical legacies in ecology and role of Leopold’s work in connecting the two. 

Small group discussions will provide an opportunity for diverse assemblages to evaluate the points made by plenary speakers, and to ensure that new issues and multiple points of view concerning the connection between ecological science and environmental ethics have been thoroughly explored. 

The activities together frame the issues and identify the important questions to be worked through over the remainder of the conference.


Day 2

The second day of the conference will:

1) continue the exploration of different kinds of worldviews as lenses on the connection between ecology and ethics

2) provide an opportunity to discuss the interactions or implications of multiple world views in the ecology-ethics integration

3) present a public keynote that highlights the art-science interface.


Day 3

The final day of the conference will be organized around specific and regional problems as they exemplify and can benefit from the connection between ecological science and environmental ethics.  Small group discussions will focus on identifying future needs, approaches, and outcomes desired in for research, education, and practice.  Plenary discussion and a panel summary will tie the themes and insights together.  A celebratory conference dinner concludes the event.


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