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Veeries very quiet when owls are about

Cary visiting scientist Ken Schmidt and his research team have been studying the ecology and behavior of birds on the Cary Institute grounds since 1998.

baltimore oriole

Discover How Birds Can Save the World

Lecture Video

John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, discusses the role birds play in fostering the conservation of biodiversity.

The Singing Life of Birds

Lecture Video

Bird song expert Donald Kroodsma describes how birds communicate and why. Listen to the sounds of birds as you’ve never listened before, using their songs as a window into their minds.


Team to study how songbirds choose their nesting sites

During the spring and summer, Dr. Ken Schmidt, an avian behavioral ecologist from Texas Tech University, investigates bird life on the Cary Institute's 2,000-acre campus.

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