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Have you ever wondered what research was conducted in the budding field of ecology in the 1970s? You can now take a tour of the history of the Cary Institute—from our inception as the Cary Arboretum of the New York Botanical Garden to the establishment of the Institute as a center for ecological research—thanks to our new online archive of newsletters dating back to 1975.

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The Cary Arboretum Of The New York Botanical Garden
March-April, 1975 

"There is no doubt whatever today that a major determinant of the quality of future civilization will be the wisdom and effective­ness man applies to the management of natural and man-dominated environments. Indisputably central to good management of these resources is high competence in the plant sciences. In recent years the terms “ecology” and “environment” have risen high in the public consciousness, but often for superficial or erroneous reasons. The basic scientific truths supporting botany, ecology, and environmental science are not yet widely understood by the public.

With today’s improving intellectual climate, due in part to great advances in communication, and given the means with which to act, the Cary Arboretum has come onto the academic and cultural institution scene as a model which has already attracted wide attention. "


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