Day 2: Research Design


Students finish their research project design.

Lesson Overview

Students follow the Student Guidelines worksheet to finalize their research project design. Teacher makes sure all parts of the worksheet are finished.

One Class Period
  • Stream Ecology Project Guidelines worksheet
  • Laptop computer/lab access
  • Macroinvertebrates and Stream Ecology Webquest Worksheet

Students work with their partner(s) to design the following parts of the “Stream Ecology Project Student Guidelines” Worksheet: Materials, Procedure, Research Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, and Experimental Design (Variables Identification). Students will have access to a mobile laptop computer lab to access online research to help them with background information, as needed, as well as complete the “Macroinvertebrates and Stream Ecology Webquest Worksheet,” which will help students learn about important information which will aide in their understanding and the concepts and development of their research projects. If extra time is needed, this activity can be completed during Day 3 of this Unit Plan.

During this, the instructor circulates to ensure all groups are successfully checking off and completing each item in each of these sections of their project, as well as providing guidance as necessary to ensure all groups are staying within the procedure parameters listed above in step #4 of Day 1.

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