Eco-Inquiry, an ecology curriculum for grades 5-8 helps teachers transform their classrooms into centers of ecological research.

Day 7: GROW gets an answer


Students complete their work for GROW by working in groups to create advertisements that teach the public about nutrient cycling, and GROW's research and products

Lesson Overview

Students will be able to: cooperatively plan and complete a project; communicate their knowledge about nutrient cycling in an engaging way; judge their own work and reflect on their understanding of nutrient cycling; have new perspectives on the representation of science in the popular media

Session 1, 2, and 3 - 40 min each

Session 1 and 2

For the class:

  • overhead transparency of the letter from GROW (Lesson 1 "A challenge from GROW")
  • materials for making advertisements

Session 3

For each student:

  • copy of "Scoring Sheet"
  • copy of "Group work Evaluation" (From Eco-Inquiry's multiple forms of Assessment)
  • Copy of "Portfolio Cover Sheet" (From Eco-Inquiry's Multiple Forms of Assessment)

See Lesson Resources below for further details.

NYS Standards
MST 4- Physical setting, living environment and nature of science
ELA 1- Language to collect and interpret information and understand generalizations
ELA 4 - Language for communication and social interaction with a wide variety of people
Benchmarks for Science Literacy
1A Scientific World View
12D Communication Skills

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