Schoolyard Ecology

Eco-Inquiry, an ecology curriculum for grades 5-8 helps teachers transform their classrooms into centers of ecological research.

Day 5: Outdoor Study Stations-performance assessment


Students create stations with interpretive labels that teach others about signs of animals and what they eat.

Lesson Overview

Students will be able to:
- point out evidence of what animals live on the study site an what they eat
- communicate their knowledge

90 minutes
Indoors and Outdoors

For the Class:

  • field guides

For each group of 3-4 students:

  • copy of "Challenge Sheet"
  • 3-4 5" x7" index cards or pieces of oak tag
  • 3-4 pieces of string or yarn to hang cards
  • magic marker
  • copy of "Who Eats What" guide

For each student:

  • copy of "Scoring Sheet"
  • copy of "Group Work Evaluation"
  • copy of "Reflections"

See Lesson Resources below for further details.

NYS Standards
MST 4- Physical setting, living environment and nature of science
ELA 1- Language to collect and interpret information and understand generalizations
ELA 4 - Language for communication and social interaction with a wide variety of people
Benchmarks for Science Literacy
5A Diversity of Life
12D Communication Skills

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