Eco-Inquiry, an ecology curriculum for grades 5-8 helps teachers transform their classrooms into centers of ecological research.

Day 6: Making Food Chains


Students make food chains for their study site organisms, and learn food chain terminology.

Lesson Overview

Students will be able to:
- have a clear picture of feeding relationships of animals on their study site
- recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different sources of information
- understand that plants make their own food
- define food chain terms and give examples of organisms that fin in each category
- realize that plants are the ultimate source of food energy for all organisms in a food chain

Session 1 - 40-60min and Session 2 - 40 min

For the class:

  • several copies of the "Who Eats What" guide
  • other resource books ( see "Resource List" in Introduction)

See Lesson Resources below for further details.

Lesson Resources
NYS Standards
MST 4- Physical setting, living environment and nature of science
Benchmarks for Science Literacy
5D Interdependence of Life
5E Flow of Matter and Energy

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