Spring Awakening Walk

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 6:00pm



Cary Institute's Dr. Barbara Han, Michael Fargione, and Alex Wolf will lead an evening hike exploring the sights and sounds of spring on our campus.

Discover how resident amphibians, plants, birds and mammals are adapting to the change from winter to spring. See which bird migrants have returned, and learn why timing migration is crucial to their success.

The evening walk should give us the opportunity to hear the chorus of frogs and learn about their natural history and recent disease research of amphibians at the Cary Institute. If conditions are just right we may be treated to displays and songs by American Woodcock.

Please wear appropriate hiking footwear. Flashlights and binoculars are recommended. Details of where the hike will begin will be announced the week of the event.

Registration required.


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