2015 Hudson Data Jam Competition

Making data "sing" through creative expression


The Hudson Data Jam Competition challenges students to creatively tell stories for a general audience using data from the Hudson River watershed.

For Teachers

For Teachers

Teachers of any subject can get their students involved.  Whether your students focus on historical trends, scientific poetry, or creative mathematical visualizations, we’d like to support you as you help your students enter and win this competition. 

We know how hard-working you already are, so as an added bit of encouragement and appreciation, we will be providing $200 honorariums to the first ten teachers who register and have at least two eligible student projects submitted.

If you want to get your students involved in the competition…

Step 1: Familiarize yourself.

Peruse this website to become more familiar with the Hudson Data Jam Competition.  Be sure to check out our section for students, so you can have an idea of what the process will be for them.

Step 2: Get ready (and maybe paid)!

We are offering (free) workshops throughout the Hudson Valley designed to increase your own understanding of data and help you help your students win the competition!  We also provided $200 stipends to teachers who attended our 2014 weekend data retreat.

Check back next year for workshop dates and to register online. 

Please note that participation in these workshops is not required for your students to enter the competition.

Step 3: Register your class as soon as possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how many teams of students you’ll have or what they’ll be doing yet. Registering tells us that you’re planning to get involved and gives us a chance to help you out. You can request a Cary Institute educator to come to your class to introduce your students to the competition and get them set up with data sets of their own.

Depending on the number of teachers participating, we may even be able to follow up with your class afterwards, if your students could use a little extra help with their project entries. But we won’t know how we can help out until you register!

Final registration is April 25th, but if you’d like us to assist in your classrooms, you are strongly encouraged to register far in advance of this deadline.

Step 4: Submit parental consent forms.

You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail with important information regarding the Data Jam Competition and student participation. Included in this confirmation e-mail will be a parental/guardian consent form and a team information sheet. Please print out the parental/guardian consent forms and distribute them to each participating student. Return the signed parental/guardian consent forms to the Cary Institute no later than April 30th. If you did not submit your students’ team information during your registration, or if their team information has changed since your registration, please complete a copy of the team information sheet. To ensure the receipt of all required materials, please send all completed parental/guardian consent forms and team information sheets together. All completed forms can either be scanned and e-mailed to caryeducation@caryinstitute.org or mailed to:

Samantha Root
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
P.O. Box AB
Millbrook, NY 12545

Step 5: Support your students in their projects!

We hope to support you by providing workshops to help you graph, read, and interpret data and to creatively describe data. Please pass on these skills to your students and support them in their projects! 

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