2017 Hudson Data Jam Competition

Making data "sing" through creative expression

Now in its fourth year, the Hudson Data Jam Competition challenges students to creatively tell stories for a general audience using data from the Hudson River watershed.

Next deadline: Register by January 27, 2016 to be eligible for an in-class DJ student workshop with a Cary Educator.

Data Jam Project Registration

Data Jam Project Registration

Note: Even individual participants are required to have an adult advisor. Advisors can be parents, guardians, teachers, or other mentors. We will contact the team advisor with a confirmation e-mail and any future updates.

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There are two categories for student teams: small teams (consisting of 1-6 students) and class teams (entire class or grade level). Please fill out the following fields as much as possible for each student team. If entering a class team, please tell us in the Student Names field. Note that complete team information can be sent to us separately by May 27th if this information is not available at this time.
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Students who live more than 40 miles from the Data Jam Expo location (Marist College) and are interested in attending can receive financial support for traveling to and from the event along with a parent/guardian.

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