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Eco-Discovery Camp

Our goals during our summer Eco-Discovery Camp are to use children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for the outdoors to help them understand important ecological concepts, give them the opportunity to ask and answer their own scientific questions, expose them to the field of Ecology, and develop confidence in their ability to use science to understand and positively impact the world.

Go With the Flow: The Ins and Outs of Our Streams

This year campers will have the opportunity learn about the invisible ingredients of our streams and how they affect the critters that make the stream their home. They will discover how flowing water creates a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem and the role we play in keeping our freshwater habitats clean.

ecology camp campers
2013 campers

What do the campers do?

During Eco-Discovery Camp, children entering grades 2-7 explore the hills, valleys, ponds, and streams of our 2,000-acre Dutchess County campus.  During each 1-week session campers will conduct mini-scientific investigations, learn about the natural history of the area, and participate in team building activities. At the Cary Institute's Ecology Camp, children have a unique opportunity to experience ecological science with our skilled ecology educators and research scientists.

Each year the camp has a different theme, allowing campers to have unique experiences year after year. Past camp themes have included: wetlands (2011), limno-explorers (2012), life cycle (2013), and decomposition (2014)

Visit the camp Flickr photo gallery to see just how much fun our campers have!

ecology camp campers
2013 campers

What are the numbers and ages of campers?

Each week of camp will have a maximum of 12 campers and will be dedicated to either younger campers (entering grades 2-4) or older campers (entering grades 5-7). In addition, two educators with extensive experience in ecology and education will teach each week.

Our Eco-Science session will have a maximum of 12 students with two Cary educators leading them.  This session will be limited to students entering the 8th thru 10th grade only.

Eco-Discovery Camp for the younger campers runs from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday, with a late pick up (4pm) option available. For older campers, the camp day runs from 9am to 4pm. This year, the first week is a four day session due to the July 4 holiday. Each week of camp follows the same program, and therefore campers may participate for one session only.

Our Eco-Science session will run from 9am to 4pm for nine days, July 20  - July 31.  

How much does it cost?

Our one week sessions cost $235 and $275 for younger and older campers, respectively.
The Eco-Science session costs $485 for the ten days.

Late pick-up (4pm) –  $50/week

Refund Policy

Withdrawal from camp prior to June 12, 2015 refunded total fee less $25.00 for administrative costs.  No refund for any reason after June 12, 2015.

Camp Scholarships:

Through the generosity of community members and local foundations, we are proud to offer a limited number of scholarships to families who could not normally afford to send their children to camp.

For more information, contact Jen Rubbo at 845-677-7600 ext. 303 or 

What about older campers?

Eco–Leaders Program

Our Eco-Leaders Program is for students entering grades 8-12. Eco-Leaders assist educators during each Eco-Discovery camp session while also leading their own activity and assisting in data collection.


Eco–Science Camp

This special two week session for students entering grades 8 -10 will give campers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the scientific process, and to showcase their artistic side!  Our young scientists will get their creative juices flowing by exploring different habitats on the Cary institute property and implementing their own ecological research project. They then will be challenged to use their imagination to explain their findings in a creative way, which will be showcased at a special event for parents and friends.


For more information about the Cary Institute's Ecology Camps, contact Jen Rubbo at (845) 677-7600 ext. 303 or via email at

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