April 09, 2014

Notes and Changes since last report

  • It was 55°F and partly cloudy with light breezes at 12:00 PM on April 9, 2014.
  • It's actually been starting to feel like Spring.
  • Eastern commas were out in numbers today.
  • Pine warbler was singing in the Fern Glen and elsewhere.
  • A first flower was seen... well, after skunk cabbage...

The Trails

  • Starting in the Fern Glen today, I found spring beauty budding up by the main kiosk.
  • I was delighted to have pointed out to me sharp-lobed hepatica just starting to bloom.
  • The wild pubescence of the young stems is as attractive as the blossom.
  • The leaves... well, I like them too. This is clearly sharp-lobed rather than round-lobed.
  • At the back of the pond, the mystery willow had catkins popping out.
  • On the Cary Pines Trail, eastern commas would erupt from sunny patchs on the trail, lunge towards us, then drop back into the leaves and disappear.
  • The air was cool and a young garter snake was cold and sluggish enough to allow some portraits.
  • Another long awaited sign of spring, trout-lily leaves were coming up along the Wappinger Creek Trail.
  • Regular visitors to the trails will recognize the big old American sycamore at the water's edge.
  • The view of the roots is probably more familiar.
  • An interesting sight in the Old Pasture was a maple clinging to its seeds.
  • The remains of a ring-necked pheasant were in the back Old Hayfield.
  • Feathers must be like snow flakes: no two alike.
  • A look at a bird's foot does much for the argument that birds are related to dinosaurs.
  • The magnolia behind the Carriage House didn't look that much more advanced than the week before.
  • The bottom of the Old Gravel Pit was surprisingly full of water. I suppose it did rain some the day before.
  • Back tracking to the Deer Exclosure trail, we found two different club mosses growing together.
  • One more surprise was lurking around the bend: a tree across the detour trail!
  • It was nice to see some real signs of Spring today.
Spring beauty
Sharp-lobed hepatica
Sharp-lobed hepatica
Sharp-lobed hepatica
Mystery willow
Mystery willow catkins
Eastern comma
Eastern comma
American sycamore
American sycamore
Ring-necked pheasant feathers
Ring-necked pheasant feathers
Ring-necked pheasant feathers
Ring-necked pheasant foot
Bottom of the Old Gravel Pit
Club moss
Club moss
Tree on the Detour!


  • 1 Red-tailed Hawk
  • 1 Downy Woodpecker
  • 1 Pileated Woodpecker
  • 2 Eastern Phoebe
  • 4 Tree Swallow
  • 8 Black-capped Chickadee
  • 3 Golden-crowned Kinglet
  • 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  • 2 Pine Warbler
  • 20 Brown-headed Cowbird
  • 6 Eastern Comma
  • 1 Garter Snake
  • 1 Sharp-lobed hepatica

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