May 16, 2013

Notes and Changes since last report

  • It was 70°F and partly cloudy with light winds at 3:15 PM on May 16, 2013.
  • I've been slowly returning to my usual Wed afternoon schedule: Thur at 3 is closer than Fri at 5...
  • Butterfly arrivals were ramping up with pearl crescent and silver-spotted skipper.
  • Swamp azalea almost came and went unnoticed, but large yellow lady's-slipper was just starting.

The Trails

  • Behind the Carriage House, the peculiar buckeye was now in bloom.
  • So too were fothergilla and sweet shrub or calycanthus. Somewhere there is a red variety...
  • Honeysuckle bushes were starting to bloom everywhere - some in pink as well as yellow highlights.
  • Well before dusk in the Fern Glen this week, I tried for better looks at Jacob's ladder and starry false Soloman's-seal.
  • Golden ragwort was just on the other side of the path.
  • Near the bench, the presumed Asian Solomon's seal was blooming.
  • Past the fen in the acid cobble was columbine.
  • At its feet was a small forest of narrow beech fern.
  • Canada violet was on the other side of the path.
  • Hiding among the brambles, maple-leaved viburnum was budding up.
  • A fortuitous phone call caused me to linger at the edge of the fen where my first s came by to sip moisture.
  • In the shrub swamp, our native limber honeysuckle vine was getting ready to bloom.
  • In a quiet corner, swamp saxifrage was preparing to flower for the first time to my knowledge.
  • In the farthest corner, easily dismissed as an ash seedling, wild sasparilla was offering its inconspicuous ball of flowers.
  • Near the deck, truly a perennial favorite, large yellow lady's-slipper was just opening its deceitful flowers - they contain no nectar.
  • Again, looking better in the daylight, gaywings was/were blooming in a number of spots in the Glen and on the trails.
  • Starflower too could be found in a number of locations.
  • Indian cucumber root looked like it was going to have a good year.
  • I'd forgotten last week to look at the mayapple, but I did not miss the bloom.
  • Choke cherry, budding up last week, was now in bloom near the kiosk.
  • By the pond, golden Alexanders was just beginning.
  • Across the road, the swamp azalea was already past its prime.
  • Out in the back Old Hayfield, golden Alexanders was further along than in the Glen. Small, black flies were numerous on the umbels.
  • Blooming by the bench at the edge of the field was common barberry, a relative of the more familiar Japanese barberry; both are alien.
  • In numerous locations today, our native wild geranium could be found.
  • And it was time for me to get lost.
Sweet shrub
A bush honeysuckle
A bush honeysuckle
Jacob's ladder
Starry false Soloman's-seal
Golden ragwort
Asian Solomon's seal
Narrow beech fern
Canada violet
Maple-leaved viburnum
Silver-spotted skipper
Limber honeysuckle
Swamp saxifrage
Wild sasparilla
Wild sasparilla
Large yellow lady's-slipper
Large yellow lady's-slipper
Indian cucumber root
Choke cherry
Golden Alexanders
Swamp azalea
Golden Alexanders
Golden Alexanders
Common barberry
Wild geranium


  • 3 Mallard
  • 1 Turkey Vulture
  • 4 Chimney Swift
  • 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker
  • 2 Eastern Phoebe
  • 1 Warbling Vireo
  • 4 Red-eyed Vireo
  • 1 Blue Jay
  • 3 Black-capped Chickadee
  • 1 Tufted Titmouse
  • 2 House Wren
  • 2 Golden-crowned Kinglet
  • 2 Veery
  • 1 Wood Thrush
  • 3 American Robin
  • 5 Gray Catbird
  • 1 Blue-winged Warbler
  • 1 Yellow Warbler
  • 3 Prairie Warbler
  • 1 Black-and-white Warbler
  • 2 Ovenbird
  • 3 Scarlet Tanager
  • 1 Eastern Towhee
  • 3 Chipping Sparrow
  • 4 Field Sparrow
  • 1 Song Sparrow
  • 1 Brown-headed Cowbird
  • 1 Baltimore Oriole
  • 3 American Goldfinch
  • 1 Spicebush Swallowtail
  • 2 Cabbage White
  • 1 Clouded Sulphur
  • 1 'Olive' Juniper Hairstreak
  • 2 Meadow Fritillary
  • 2 Pearl Crescent
  • 1 Silver-spotted Skipper
  • 2 Juvenal's Duskywing
  • 1 Buckeye
  • 1 Burning bush
  • 1 Bush honeysuckle
  • 1 Canada violet
  • 1 Columbine
  • 1 Common barberry
  • 1 Fothergilla
  • 1 Golden ragwort
  • 1 May-apple
  • 1 Solomon's-seal (asian?)
  • 1 Starflower
  • 1 Swamp azalea
  • 1 Sweet shrub
  • 1 Wild geranium
  • 1 Wild sasparilla

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