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Dr. Colin Fuss

Biogeochemist | PhD

2801 Sharon Turnpike; P.O. Box AB Millbrook NY 12545-0129, USA

Dr. Fuss’s research focuses on the controls on biogeochemical cycling in northern forested ecosystems. These include natural changes such as through forest succession, as well as human-induced stressors such as atmospheric acid deposition and climate change. These influence biogeochemical cycling in the soils of sensitive systems and consequently can have impact nutrient retention, water quality, and forest health.

Current Research

Nitrogen retention in the soils of northern hardwood forests

Nitrogen exports in streamwater from upland forested watersheds in the northeastern U.S. have been declining for ~30 years, despite elevated atmospheric nitrogen deposition and reduced net nitrogen uptake by trees as forests have reached peak biomass. This pattern suggests a missing sink for nitrogen in these forest ecosystems. Current research focuses on testing the hypothesis that the mineral soil can act as either source or sink of nitrogen depending on forest age: a source for young forests to support growth and a sink in older forests.

This work is being conducted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is a contribution to the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study.