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Road Salt: The Problem, The Solution, and How to Get There (pdf, 790 KB)

The 15 to 32 million metric tons of road salt used yearly on our nation's highways not only negatively impacts the environment but also affects the quality of our drinking water.


10 Questions to Ask When Building Defenses to Protect Hudson River Shorelines (pdf, 3 MB)

The questions included in this guide are designed to help you choose the right kind of shore defenses (if any) for your site. They are intended to open and guide your discussions with engineers, landscape architects, and regulators who will work with you.

Handbook: Managing Shore Zones for Ecological Benefits (pdf, 5 MB)

The purpose of this handbook is to offer suggestions for practical ways that landowners and land managers can protect shore zones and increase the benefits that they provide. 

Guide: Managing Shore Zones for Ecological Benefits (pdf, 2 MB)

A guide for shore zone managers and users for protecting the ecological benefits that healthy shore zones can provide. Includes 10 steps for better shore zones.

Where Rivers are Born (pdf, 2 MB)

A handbook summarizing the scientific basis for the importance of maintaining the health and productivity of small streams and wetlands. Co-authored by Cary's David Strayer.

Community Impacts and Opportunities for Tree-SMART Trade (pdf, 5 MB)

The Cary Institute and the Science Policy Exchange are proposing five Tree-SMART Trade actions that will help safeguard trees and alleviate the economic burden on local governments and communities.

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