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Road Salt: Reducing Impacts to the Environment and Human Health

A management-based forum about the impact that road salt has on natural areas and drinking water supplies, with a focus on successful salt reduction strategies being used regionally and nationally. 

Before the Lease: Farm Choices for Landowners

Hosted: November 12, 2016

Local experts, including service providers and farmers from Dutchess and Columbia Counties in New York, explain the “ins and outs” of various types and styles of farming.

The Future of Oak Forests

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: May 7, 2016

Explore the importance of oaks to wildlife and how land use practices set the stage for oak declines.

Invasive Species in the Hudson Valley

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: March 21, 2015

This forum addressed how invasive species impact the environment, what policy-based solutions are needed to prevent new invaders and how science-based stewardship can be used for targeted management.

Sustainable Stewardship: Maintaining Value in Hudson Valley Landscapes

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: April 12, 2014

The forum explored how science-based stewardship on private land can help protect and promote healthy forests and open spaces, now and for future generations.

flooded street

Flood Management: New Strategies in a Changing Climate

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: May 4, 2013

Flood events can impact human health and safety, and result in substantial costs to property and infrastructure. The forum provided on-the-ground examples of flood resilience strategies that can help Hudson Valley communities minimize risks while conserving financial resources.

Hydrofracking in Focus: What Every Citizen Needs to Know

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: May 5, 2012 

An overview of the science behind gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing, including potential groundwater impacts and the treatment of wastewater.

Climate Change in the Hudson Valley

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: October 22, 2011

How is climate change impacting the Hudson Valley? Will warming influence the quality of regional resources, human health, or the local economy? What role can citizens and municipal officials play?

Regional Freshwater Issues

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: April 16, 2011

An overview of the quantity and quality of regional freshwater resources, pressures that existing supplies face (pollution, development, invasive species), and management options. Special attention was given to green infrastructure and stormwater.

Road Salt: Impacts to the Environment and Human Health

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: October 16, 2009

To promote safe winter driving conditions, deicers are applied to roadways throughout the Northeast. The most commonly used deicer is sodium chloride, otherwise known as road salt. In New York State alone, state and local governments apply 500,000 tons annually.

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