Climate Change in the Hudson Valley

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: October 22, 2011

How is climate change impacting the Hudson Valley? Will warming influence the quality of regional resources, human health, or the local economy? What role can citizens and municipal officials play?

Geared toward municipal officials and concerned citizens, the forum provided insight into how climate change is influencing freshwater resources, agricultural productivity, forest composition, human health, and the economy. A moderated panel discussion focused on local resources.

Co-sponsored by Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Speakers & Presentations

William Schlesinger, President, Cary Institute
The Science Behind Climate Change


Susan Riha, Director, NYS Water Resources Institute, Cornell University
Managing Water Resources as Climate Changes


Gary Lovett, Forest Ecologist, Cary Institute
Climate Impacts on Forests and Ecosystems

David Wolfe, Professor of Horticulture, Cornell University
Farming Success in a Changing Climate

Perry Sheffield, Professor of Pediatrics and Preventative Medicine, Mount Sinai
Climate Change and Human Health

Eban Goodstein, Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Economic and Policy Impacts of Climate Change

Allison Chatrchyan, Environment Program Leader, CCEDC
Responding to Climate Change at the Local Level

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