Regional Freshwater Issues

Science & Management Forum
Hosted: April 16, 2011

An overview of the quantity and quality of regional freshwater resources, pressures that existing supplies face (pollution, development, invasive species), and management options. Special attention was given to green infrastructure and stormwater.

The Hudson Valley is fortunate to have abundant freshwater supplies. The way we treat these resources will determine the quality of life for Valley residents, now and in the future. Proper management strategies can minimize flooding, protect drinking water, and preserve sensitive wildlife refuge.

It is critical that we balance development practices with the health of freshwater ecosystems. In an effort to provide decision makers and citizens with timely information about the status of freshwater resources and effective management strategies, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Dutchess County hosted a Science and Management Forum on Regional Freshwater Issues.

Attendees were provided with insight into the state of our groundwater supplies, ways of protecting sensitive wetlands, and pressures that threaten freshwater ecosystems, including pollution, development practices, and invasive species. Special attention was given to green infrastructure and stormwater management.

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