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Cary Science Conversation: Trees in Trouble


Join us for a virtual science conversation featuring forest ecologist Gary Lovett. Gain insight into the forest pest problem and discover policy actions we can take to protect our trees. 

Trees play a critical role in keeping people and the planet healthy. They filter air pollution, reduce flooding, cool neighborhoods, provide wildlife habitat, and store carbon that would otherwise contribute to climate change. Unfortunately, our trees are in trouble. 

Imported forest pests, like the emerald ash borer and spotted lanternfly, are quietly decimating forests, street trees, and parks in every state across the US. Losing trees means we’re also losing the essential services they perform.

Removing and replanting lost trees isn’t cheap. Damages caused by forest pests cost homeowners and municipalities billions of dollars annually. Costs associated with Asian longhorned beetle alone are projected to reach $12.7 billion this year. 

This conversation will explore the forest pest problem, including updates on the newest threats and policy actions we can take to protect our trees. Together, we can stem the tide of pest invasions.

The event will include time for audience Q&A. Free and open to all, by registration is required to access the Zoom link. 


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