Local Data and Climate Change in the Hudson Valley

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

monitoring station


A workshop in NGSS/NYSSLS practices for teachers

Join Cary Institute Education staff to explore climate change data collected by local scientists.

Topics covered will include climate variation, stream temperatures, and atmospheric monitoring. Teachers will explore trends and variability in climate data and practice using data as evidence to support claims about climate change. We will graph and manipulate data using spreadsheets and interactive, student-friendly software from Tuva Labs, Inc. This science-focused workshop is open to all educators interested in strengthening their environmental knowledge and data skills, as well as those of their students.

All participants will leave the workshop with enhanced data literacy skills, clear connections to the NGSS/NYSSLS, and access to local datasets and lessons they can use in their classes. Attendees also will learn about the opportunity to participate in the Hudson Data Jam STEAM competition.

Teachers from Title I-eligible schools may apply to receive a $150 stipend for attending the workshop, implementing a lesson with students, and submitting a reflection.

Space is limited to 20 teachers.

Questions: Contact Shelly Forster (forsterm@caryinstitute.org).

Cost: The workshop is free and open to all middle and high school teachers. 

Notes: Lunch will be provided. Please bring a laptop. 6 CTLE hours and certificates will be offered upon request.

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