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Oh Deer! How Deer Shape Forests in the Catskills & Beyond


Deer shape the future of our forests. What they find appetizing, or unpalatable, can determine which plants survive and thrive. Forests with abundant deer can suffer from selective feeding on woody plants during winter months when other food is limited. This can result in the loss of seedlings and saplings, dominance by invasive species, and shifts in the tree species that make up the next generation of forest canopy.

This webinar will explore the history of deer in the Catskills, how deer influence the composition and health of our regional forests, and strategies to mitigate deer impacts. Presenters include: forest ecologist Dr. Charles Canham (Cary Institute), ecologist Dr. Lynn Christenson (Vassar College), and deer biologist Brendan Quirion (NYSDEC Region 3).

Among the topics to be discussed: how deer populations have changed over the last 100 years as land has become reforested and hunting pressure has declined, what loss of woody cover and the herbaceous layer means for forests and wildlife, management options, and ways that landowners can help promote healthy forest regeneration.

Offered by the Catskill Science Collaborative and partners at Catskill Mountainkeeper. Free and open to all. A moderated Q&A session will follow the presentations. Register at EventBrite for Zoom login details.