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Project Slice: Schoolyard Water Investigation Workshop


Public school teachers


Target grades: K-12
Subject areas: Science & Math teachers  

Want to engage your students in a relevant, hands on, project based learning experience? Join educators from Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and DC BOCES in this one-day workshop to participate in inquiry-based investigations about how your schoolyard contributes to water quality and the potential for flooding during increasingly intense storm events. Choose from hands-on labs you can implement in your classroom and work with others to build a project that engages your students in computational thinking, data collection and analysis, and challenges them to think about the impact of human-built environments. Examples of formative and summative assessments that work within a project-based module will be provided.

Teacher Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the impact of landscape features on the movement of water and pollutants
  • Conduct an investigation into the hydrology of your school yard and learn how to integrate scientific inquiry and data analysis into your classroom.
  • Learn the essential elements of project based instruction 
  • Develop skills in designing and implementing formative and summative assessments in a project based unit

Since space is limited, we will accept teachers on a first come, first served basis. The Registration Fee covers the cost of snacks, coffee, materials, tuition, and activities.

For questions or comments, please contact:
Rebecca Van Tassell
845-677-7600 x326