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Road salt pollutes drinking water wells in suburban New York State

Road salt applied during the winter lingers in the environment, where it can pollute drinking water supplies. A recent study reveals hotspots and landscape features linked to elevated salt in wells.

Lake Sunapee

Landsat 8 as a tool for monitoring algal blooms

In a new study, researchers investigate how advances in remote sensing technology can be used to predict and monitor algal blooms before they turn harmful. Using satellites that detect chlorophyll, which is present in algae, they are developing ways to monitor water quality from outer space.

Long Lake, MI

Carbon and cannibalism: What happens to bass when you increase the amount of decomposing plant debris in an experimental lake

Lakes across the northern hemisphere are getting darker; causes include heavier rains, changes in land use patterns, and recovery from acid rain. Cary Institute ecologist Chris Solomon is working to advance understanding of how lake browning impacts fishery productivity. Recent work explores the role of phantom midges and bass cannibalism in this complex system.

Lake Mohonk and Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY

Understanding the world's lakes takes center stage at GLEON 19

More than 240 scientists and researchers from around the world recently descended on the Hudson Valley to strengthen an international partnership aimed at studying and understanding the world’s lakes.

Related Projects

Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers

Many species, including humans, change the physical structure of the non-living world, profoundly changing the functioning of ecosystems. How might we use an understanding of ecosystem engineering in species and ecosystem management? 

The Acorn Connections

Acorn production catalyzes chain reactions in a complex web of species interactions in oak forests that can influence forest health, via Gypsy Moth outbreaks, human health, via Lyme disease risk, and biodiversity via songbird nesting success. What are these and other acorn connections?

Ecological Engineering

Ecological engineering combines ecological understanding of the functioning of human-natural coupled systems with engineering to design management practices that are environmentally, socially and economically viable and sustainable.

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