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Together we can get our freshwaters off drugs

Pharmaceuticals are found in surface waters around the world. These compounds evade wastewater treatment infrastructure, pollute drinking water, and impact aquatic ecosystems. Here are some steps you can take to help stem the tide of pharmaceutical pollution.

rosi to the contrary
Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:00pm

Drugs in our Freshwaters

Film screening and discussion

Pharmaceutical pollution is a growing problem in our nation's freshwaters. In this special Earth Day event, preview a PBS segment on the topic featuring Cary aquatic ecologist Emma Rosi.

Hidden health hazards: Combating the crisis of our food and water


Antibiotic resistance and pharmaceuticals polluting our waterways is a growing crisis. In this episode of PBS's To The Contrary, Cary's Emma Rosi talks about how untreated sewage contaminated with antibiotics and personal care products is affecting water supplies.

In urban streams, pharmaceutical pollution is driving microbial resistance

In urban streams, persistent pharmaceutical pollution can cause aquatic microbial communities to become resistant to drugs.

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Effects of Novel Contaminants, Such as Pharmaceuticals, on Stream Ecosystems

The widespread use of novel contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, have unknown consequences for stream ecosystems.

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