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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes: enlist nature's protection

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, which hit in August and September, are estimated to be the most costly ever to make landfall in the United States. The damage they caused calls for a major investment in infrastructure that is resilient to such extreme events.

Science Now: Experimental Ice Storm


There is very cool science going on at Hubbard Brook. Scientists from Cary and other research institutions created an experimental ice storm that will improve understanding of short- and long-term effects of ice on northern forests.

Spring flooding shapes streams


In the Northeast, streams once covered in ice are flowing again. The floods that often accompany spring thaw bring big changes to these ecosystems.


Harsh northeast winter no hindrance to hungry ticks

Think you're safe from ticks because the harsh winter froze them or because you haven't been trekking through the woods? Think again.

Related Projects

Solving the Mysteries of Coastal Fog Systems

There is a need to study coastal fog as a system in order to be able to predict, model and understand the connections among ocean, atmosphere, and land as well as identify the effects of fog on climate, ecology, agriculture, and human health and well being.


At the Cary Institute we monitor biological organisms in a variety of programs. One of those programs uses phenology, the study of the timing of seasonal changes and life cycle events.

The Importance of Fogwater in the Maintenance of Ecosystems

Exploring the importance of fogwater inputs to coastal ecosystems by quantifying inputs and identifying sources (marine vs. terrestrial) of nutrients, particularly nitrogen and water. 

Snow Depth & Soil Freezing as a Regulator of Microbial Processes

In the northern hardwood forests in New Hampshire we are analyzing how soil freezing events cause root and microbial mortality, which can lead to increased rates of N and P mineralization and loss. 

aspirated shields at the Climate Reference Network station

Environmental Monitoring Program

Environmental Monitoring is a long-term program designed to understand how our environment changes over time. Long-term monitoring allows us to evaluate legislation aimed at controlling pollution and climate change.

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