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Aldo Leopold Society 2013 Fall Luncheon

Over 120 supporters and friends attended the Cary Institute’s 3rd Fall Luncheon on the Grounds on September 22, enjoying a perfect day and a delicious lunch under a tent on the Cary West campus. Co-chairs Feli Thorne and Barclay Collins thanked a record number of guests for making the event a success, raising awareness and critical funds for the Cary Institute’s environmental research and education programs.

Dr. Emma Rosi-Marshall gave tours of her new artificial stream facility, and a talk, Bugs on Drugs, on the effects of emerging contaminants, such as personal care products and pharmaceuticals, on aquatic ecosystems. She enjoyed showing off her new research space and talking to guests about the capacity she now has to conduct her ground-breaking research. Meanwhile, a lively group of EcoKids hiked with Cary Institute educators in the lowlands and learned about the local flora and fauna during the luncheon.

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