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Baltimore school of urban ecology

In 1997, Cary Institute Distinguished Senior Scientist Steward T. A. Pickett formed the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), one of only two National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research sites in an urban setting. Under his direction, BES has grown into an interdisciplinary team of more than 150 researchers and collaborators advancing an understanding of how to achieve sustainable, resilient cities.

Discover lessons learned from two decades of pioneering social and ecological studies in the newly published The Baltimore School of Ecology, offered by Yale University Press. Pickett and coauthors explore how a more nuanced view of people, green space, water, and development can help address urban environmental and social inequities.

Insights are vital at a time when the world’s population is concentrated in metropolitan areas, and society grapples with climate change, emerging infectious diseases, human migrations, and water supply issues.

Baltimore school of urban ecology

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