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From our President

Dear Friends of the Cary Institute:

Happy New Year!

This January marked the debut of Earth Wise, a collaboration that Cary Institute has embarked on with WAMC Northeast Public Radio. I will be acting as narrator of the two-minute segments, which seek to engage and educate radio listeners about leading environmental issues.

Our scientists continue to inform the policy process. This fall, Dave Strayer spent a day in Albany testifying before the State Senate on invasive species. His thoughtful words were adapted into an Ecofocus column that I highly recommend ). We also held a Science and Management Forum focusing on climate change in the Hudson River Valley; the well-attended event drew a large number of regional decision makers.

Community response to our Friday evening programs is inspiring. Many of you attended the memorable Science and Music event that paired Cary’s Emma Rosi-Marshall with cellist Rhonda Rider, in a portrayal of the Grand Canyon ecosystem. And Mike Clark, of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, gave an inspiring talk about preserving the great open spaces of the West.  And remember, you can view videos of past events online.

Interested in seeing 2011 in review? Our Annual Report is available online. In it you will find essays about our research and a snapshot of our scientific contributions. It pleases me to report that our scientists continue to lead the field of ecology, with more than 100 publications in some of the most prestigious journals. Our output is wide ranging—from the molecular level to global ecology—all illuminating the way to a healthier environment.

As always, a special thanks to our supporters. Together we are working to advance the science that is essential to managing the world we live in, now and for future generations.

Dr. William H. Schlesinger, President