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Supporters' corner

Dr. Joshua Ginsberg’s arrival on September 2nd as president ushered in a whirlwind of activity. Trustee Barclay Collins and Kristina Durr hosted a welcome reception for Joshua, who enjoyed meeting his new neighbors and sharing his unbridled enthusiasm for leading the Cary Institute into its fourth decade.

The Cary Institute’s 4th Fall Luncheon on the Grounds, co-chaired by Barclay Collins and Felicitas Thorne, was a resounding success. Guests paused to read fascinating facts about our research along the pathway to the tent, and EcoKids donned waders and nets to find creatures in the Wappinger Creek. Dr. Barbara Han elicited a lively discussion about her work using machine learning to forecast emerging zoonotic diseases – those that jump from animals to humans – such as SARS, AIDS, and Ebola virus.

During the Autumn Celebration, Joshua introduced the scientists who led wetland walks, and thanked the Aldo Leopold Society for making our public outreach and education programs possible.

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