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Limnology Underdogs: Why Ponds Matter at Local and Global Scales

The majority of the world’s lakes are small: 75% of the world’s mapped water bodies are <10 ha in size, and millions of additional small water bodies remain unmapped. Yet, ponds are understudied compared to lakes, suggesting our knowledge of inland waters may be biased or incomplete by focusing on bigger and deeper waters.

In this talk, Dr. Holgerson will examine the importance of ponds from local to global scales. Locally, ponds are important for biodiversity and in linking terrestrial-aquatic community and ecosystem processes. Globally, ponds are biogeochemical hotspots and contribute disproportionately to global carbon budgets relative to their size. Dr. Holgerson now leads a group of scientists within the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) to study ponds globally; she will present results from their recent projects, including describing pond mixing patterns and trying to answer the burning question: What is a pond? Come learn more about these abundant systems that dot the world’s landscape.

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