Cary Institute and partners launch Science Policy Exchange consortium

science policy exchange meeting
A November 2015 reception was held to launch the Science Policy Exchange.

Dr. Joshua Ginsberg, President of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, joined with partners from five other research institutions to host “Science for a Sustainable World” a reception to launch the Science Policy Exchange (SPE). SPE was established to increase the impact of science on environmental decisions. The reception was held on November 12 in New York City at Syracuse University’s Lubin House. SPE showcased results from four new projects with the more than 30 guests who gathered representing government agencies, non-profits, research institutions, and foundations.

The featured speaker at the event was Dr. Marcia McNutt, the Editor-in-Chief of Science, and the nominee for incoming President of the National Academy of Sciences. She delivered remarks about the importance of investing in monitoring and research in a fireside conversation with SPE Governing Council Chair Sherburne Abbott of Syracuse University. 

The reception also featured remarks by SPE Director Kathy Fallon Lambert, about the mission and future directions of SPE. And SPE project leader Dr. Charles Driscoll of Syracuse University spoke about his commitment to return value to society from science. 

Displays in the reception hall featured four projects in the SPE core program areas of Energy Transformation, Resilient Landscapes, and Water Sustainability. Scientists involved in each project, including Cary Institute Senior Scientist Dr. Gary Lovett, discussed the outcomes and impacts of their work with guests. 

The six institutions that formed SPE are the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Harvard Forest, the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Syracuse University, the University of New Hampshire, and the Marine Biological Lab Ecosystems Center. 

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