Research Specialist Alexander Ross. Photo: Nadia Facciola

Recent NSF awards

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds work at the frontiers of science. Proposals selected for funding must pass a rigorous and objective merit-review system. We are thrilled to congratulate four Cary scientists on their recent receipt of NSF awards.

Growing Gleon

The Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) links data collected on 120 lakes in 51 countries to understand, predict, and communicate the response of lakes to environmental change. This award will help expand GLEON's research program and impact, headed by ecosystem ecologist Kathleen Weathers. (Award: $500k)

Forecasting epidemics

Each year, over a billion cases of human illness are attributed to zoonotic diseases – those transmitted from animals to people. Barbara Han maps patterns of disease emergence to forecast where and when the next outbreak could occur. Han aims to advance disease forecasting as a tool for pandemic prevention. (Award: $2m)

Maintaining fisheries

Aquatic ecologist Christopher Solomon will co-lead a four-year study of thousands of lakes in northern Wisconsin to understand how ecological and social processes shape recreational fishery landscapes. This understanding is crucial to sustaining good fishing conditions for the citizens of lake regions – today and in the future. (Award: $1.5m)

BES science in Baltimore schools

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study is partnering with Baltimore City Public Schools to transform the high school chemistry curriculum. The innovative new approach, led by Cary Head of Education Alan Berkowitz, draws on data gathered by the Baltimore Ecosystem Study to convey how chemistry shapes the local environment. (Award: $1.2m)

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