Supporters Corner: Aldo Leopold Society

Bill Schlesinger receives a standing ovation after the April 25th lecture.

Nearly 100 members of the Aldo Leopold Society attended the Ned Ames Honorary Lecture on April 25 featuring Bill Schlesinger’s last official presentation, “If I had a Hammer.” At the preceding reception, members warmly thanked Bill for his achievements as president, and bid him farewell upon his retirement. During the festivities, donors Mary Moeller and Clay Hiles, Executive Director of Hudson River Foundation, witnessed the unveiling of the Cary Institute’s new boat, the Ned Ames, that is fully equipped for the next 20 years of Hudson River research.

Bill’s talk hammered home the urgent need for science to guide solutions to our dependency on fossil fuels, biodiversity loss, and increasing population to ensure a habitable planet for the future. After thanking his staff and Aldo Leopold Society members for making Friday Night at Cary possible, the audience, in turn, provided Bill with a well-deserved standing ovation.

Clay Hiles, Stuart Findlay, Bill Schlesinger, Mary Moeller, Ned Ames Cary's new boat the 'Ned Ames'.
Elizabeth Hilpman, Brad and Eugenie Gentry, Gretchen Long, Irene Banning
Francis Findlay, Olivia Fussell
Robert Quinlan, Julia Widdowson, Bruce Ling.

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