Cary Conference

Since 1985, over 1,000 scientists from more than 20 countries have gathered at the Cary Conference to examine fundamental issues in ecology. The invitation-only conferences are viewed by many in the scientific community as one of the most prestigious international ecological meetings to attend. They are regarded as influential in providing perspective and for promoting new goals for the field. The proceedings of each conference are published, providing an important resource for scientists in the field of ecology.

Past Cary Conferences

Results of all of the conferences have been synthesized in books.

Conference Title
Status and Trends in Ecosystem Science 1985 50 The Status and Future of Ecosystem Science. G.E. Likens, J.J. Cole, J. Kolas, J.B. McAininch, M.J. McDonnell, G. G. Parker and D.L. Strayer. 1987.
Long Term Studies in Ecology 1987 50 Long-Term Studies in Ecology: Approaches and Alternatives. G.E. Likens (ed.). 1989.
Comparative Analysis of Ecosystems 1989 70 Comparative Analyses of Ecosystems: Patterns, Mechanisms and Theories. J.J. Cole, G.M. Lovett and S.E.G. Findlay (eds.). 1991.
Humans as Components of Ecosystems 1991 68 Humans as Components of Ecosystems: The Ecology of Subtle Human Effects and Populated Areas, M.J. McDonnell and S.T.A. Pickett (eds.). 1993.
Linking Species and Ecosystems 1993 65 Linking Species and Ecosystems. C. G. Jones and J. H. Lawton (eds.). 1995.
Establishing an Ecological Basis for Conservation 1995 90 The Ecological Basis of Conservation: Heterogeneity, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity. S. T. A. Pickett, R. S. Ostfeld, M. Shachak, and G. E. Likens (eds.). 1997.
Successes, Limitations and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science 1997 95 Successes, Limitations and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science M. L. Pace and P. M. Groffman (eds.). 1998.
Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A New Frontier for Science and Education 1999 87 Understanding Urban Ecosystems: A New Frontier for Science and Education. A. R. Berkowitz., C. H. Nilon and K. S. Hollweg (eds.). 2003.
Understanding Ecosystems: The Role of Quantitative Models in Observation, Synthesis, and Prediction 2001 90 Models in Ecosystem Science. C. D. Canham, J. J. Cole, and W. K. Lauenroth (eds.). 2003.
Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes 2003 85 Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes. G. M. Lovett, C. G. Jones, M. G. Turner, and K. C. Weathers (eds.). 2005.
Infectious Disease Ecology: Effects of Disease on Ecosystems and of Ecosystems on Disease 2005 90 Infectious Disease Ecology: Effects of Ecosystems on Disease and of Disease on Ecosystems. R. S. Ostfeld, F. Keesing, and V. Eviner (eds.). 2008.
Urban Ecological Heterogeneity and its Application to Resilient Urban Design 2007 60 Resilience in Urban Ecology and Urban Design: Linking Theory and Practice for Sustainable Cities.  S.T.A. Pickett, M.L. Cadenasso, B. McGrath (eds.). 2013.
Effective Communication of Science in Environmental Controversies 2009 70  Communication Reviews. Front. Ecol. Environ., vol. 8. 2010.
Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World: Values, Philosophy, and Action. 2011  70 Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World. R. Rozzi, STA Pickett, C. Palmer, J.J.Armesto, B.J. Callicott (eds.). 2013.

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