Social-ecological dynamics of recreational fishery landscapes

We are investigating the coupled natural-human dynamics of recreational fishery landscapes in order to identify pathways and obstacles to effective management and governance of them, and to test and extend social, ecological, and social-ecological theory.


In this Project


Dr. Chris Solomon (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) studies fish ecology and aquatic ecosystem ecology.


Dr. Marco Janssen (Arizona State University) is a mathematician who studies the interactions of behavior, institutions, and the environment, with a focus on the governance of common pool resources.


Dr. Sunny Jardine (University of Washington) is a resource and environmental economist. She studies how economic markets and institutions impact the value of ecosystem services generated in coupled human-natural systems.


Dr. Olaf Jensen (Rutgers University) is a fisheries ecologist who works to understand how management systems and ecology interact to influence sustainability in freshwater and marine fisheries.


Dr. Stuart Jones (University of Notre Dame) is an aquatic ecosystem ecologist. He is interested in scaling from fine-scale ecological processes to broad-scale ecological patterns.


Dr. Brett Van Poorten (British Columbia Ministry of the Environment) studies fisheries management, angler behavior, and social-ecological interactions in recreational fisheries


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