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Dr. Chelsey Nieman

Aquatic Ecologist | PhD, Ohio State University, 2019

845 677-7600 x231

Dr. Nieman is an aquatic ecologist who specializes in understanding the effects of change on fish populations and the people who fish for them. Her work lies in the intersection of understanding ecological change, and human dimensions research on recreational angling. Her work emphasizes the benefits of incorporating stakeholder engagement into science in order to more fully understand the specific impacts of environmental change.

Current Research

Aquatic environments globally are experiencing increases in intense modification from human activities, which can result in severe consequences for freshwater fish. These stressors are likely to have severe, negative impacts on fish populations, but are also likely to result in changes to the interactions between recreational anglers and these resources. Dr. Nieman is currently working to understand the intricacies of how recreational fisheries function through a socio-ecological systems lens. Current research includes trying to understand how information sharing, governance structures, and ecological change can influence fish populations and healthy recreational fisheries.


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