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Dr. Isabella A. Oleksy

Aquatic Biogeochemist | PhD, 2019, Colorado State University

845 677-7600 x223

Dr. Isabella Oleksy is an ecosystem ecologist and aquatic biogeochemist investigating the effects of global change on lakes and streams. She is passionate about tackling complex environmental problems associated with ongoing and future global change. Dr. Oleksy conducts and communicates research that has direct implications for environmental policy and resource management.

Current research

In an age of unprecedented global change, it is more important than ever for limnologists to refine our understanding of ecological processes in order to make predictions of freshwater systems will function into the future. Aquatic ecosystems are subjected to multiple concurrent stressors (e.g., warming, changing precipitation regimes, and associated nutrient and organic matter loads), which may have implications on primary production with cascading effects through the aquatic food web. Dr. Oleksy is working with Dr. Chris Solomon to test and refine models of pelagic primary productivity, which take into account how variation in light environment, nutrient load stoichiometry, and hydrologic setting (e.g., morphometry and residence time in lakes) lead to vast differences in the magnitude of primary production across lakes. She will leverage data from whole-lake manipulations and long-term datasets to test recently developed theory describing effects of terrestrial dissolved organic carbon and nutrient loads on lake food web productivity.

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