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Dr. Michelle Wong

Biogeochemist | Cornell University, 2019

845 677-7600 x129

Dr. Wong's research focuses on how nutrients cycle in the environment and how forests obtain nutrients to grow and support their role in the global carbon cycle.

Current research

Nutrient limitation in regenerating forests

Regenerating secondary tropical forests grow rapidly and are a large land sink for anthropogenic carbon dioxide. A key uncertainty in climate forecasts is whether secondary forests will continue to take up carbon dioxide at the same rates indefinitely, or whether nutrients will eventually limit growth. To combat nutrient limitation, tree species may use different nutrient acquisition strategies.

Dr. Wong will be studying the role individual species have in responding to nutrient conditions. This will help us predict future forest productivity under global change.

Wong, Michelle Y., Natalie M. Mahowald, Roxanne Marino, Earle R. Williams, Shankar Chellam, and Robert W. Howarth. 2020. “Natural Atmospheric Deposition Of Molybdenum: A Global Model And Implications For Tropical Forests”. Biogeochemistry 149 (2). Springer Science and Business Media LLC: 159-174. doi:10.1007/s10533-020-00671-w.