2019 Hudson Data Jam Competition

Making data "sing" through creative expression

Now in its sixth year, the Hudson Data Jam Competition challenges students to creatively tell the science stories of the Hudson River watershed.

***Level 2: Hydrology in the Wappinger Creek

***Level 2: Hydrology in the Wappinger Creek

Prepared by Jessica Genter (Marymount School of New York) & Miriam Straus (Oakwood Friends School)

This dataset is in our set of highlighted projects, which means we've developed an expanded metadata file with more background information, resources, and sample inquiry questions. 

Monitoring equipment on Wappinger Creek.

The living and non-living things we find in our streams tell a story about what humans are doing on the land surrounding them. Looking at abiotic factors such as stream temperature, stream depth and conductivity can indicate the health of the stream as well as the surrounding land. This is extremely valuable when researching human impact on certain ecosystems. 

The data you see here are part of the Cary Institute Environmental Monitoring Program, which has been recording environmental data since 1984. This particular dataset was collected by Vicky Kelly, and shows the stream depth, conductivity, discharge, and temperature of the Wappinger Creek.

For more data from the Cary Institute long-term Environmental Monitoring program, see our Level 3 datasets on water chemistry and the Environmental Monitoring archive. 

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Data Source: Vicky Kelly and the Cary Institute Environmental Monitoring Program

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