2019 Hudson Data Jam Competition

Making data "sing" through creative expression

Now in its sixth year, the Hudson Data Jam Competition challenges students to creatively tell the science stories of the Hudson River watershed.

***Level 3:Traffic, Air Pollution, and Human Demographics in New York

***Level 3:Traffic, Air Pollution, and Human Demographics in New York

Prepared by Nicole Javalay (SUNY Oneata) & Jeffrey Weber (NYC Teaching Fellow)

This dataset is in our set of highlighted projects, which means we've developed an expanded metadata file with more background information, resources, and sample inquiry questions. 

Traffic congestion by Grand Central Terminal in New York City

Air pollution from traffic can be a major problem in many parts of the world. However, the amount of traffic varies based on where you are, even within a small area such as a city or a county. This dataset examines how traffic congestion and associated pollutants are related to the demographics of the populations that live near traffic. The study of how environmental factors relate to societal factors like the rate of poverty is called Environmental Justice.

Click here for Traffic, Air Pollution and Human Demographics Data

Click here for expanded metadata and resources

Data Sources:  Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool (EJSCREEN) 

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