Field Guides & Maps

Campus map (pdf, 3 MB)

Campus map with hiking trails, parking areas, and points of interests on our internal roadways.

Common bird checklist (pdf, 2 MB)

A checklist of 101 birds you may see or hear frequently on the grounds of the Cary Institute. Your sightings will vary dependent on where and when you are observing.

Great Spangled Fritillary

Guide to butterflies and skippers (pdf, 481 KB)

20 of the most common butterflies seen along our trail system. Each species is provided with common and scientific names; wing span and flight time; and their likely location on our campus.

eastern tiger swallowtail

Checklist for butterflies and skippers (pdf, 530 KB)

A checklist for common butterflies and skippers found on our trails and campus.

Nature's Clock: Fern Glen Phenology Trail map (pdf, 3 MB)

Tune into nature and detect small but important changes in the landscape. Use this map to identify plant species in our Fern Glen and note their seasonal characteristics.


Fern Glen Guide (pdf, 1 MB)

A guide to our Fern Glen - a garden devoted to the preservation and enjoyment of native plants. Included is a map and key of various beds and habitats.

Guide to Amphibians

A guide to the frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts commonly found on our grounds.

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