Species Profile

Mute swan

Scientific name: Cygnus olor
Habitat:  rivers and lakes
Wing span: 7 ft.
Native status: invasive
Origin: Europe and Asia

Water chestnut

Scientific name: Trapa natans
Common names:  water nut, water caltrop 
Form: perennial
Native status: invasive
Origin: Eurasia

Zebra mussel

Scientific name: Dreissena polymorpha
Length: .25-1.5 inches
Native status: invasive
Origin: Eurasia

Garlic mustard

Scientific name: Alliaria petiolata (mustard family)
Common names:  Garlic Root, Hedge Garlic, Sauce-alone, Jack-in-the-bush
Form: biennial herb
Native status: invasive
Origin: Europe

Tatarian (Bush) honeysuckle

Scientific name: Lonicera tatarica
Common names:  bush honeysuckle
Form: perennial shrub
Native status: invasive
Origin: Asia


Scientific name: Phragmites australis
Common names:  common reed
Form: perennial grass
Native status: invasive
Origin: Europe

Woolly bear/Isabella tiger moth

Scientific name: Pyrrharctia isabella
Wing span: 1.75 -2.5 inches
Range: common throughout North America
Flight period: April-August
Hostplants: asters, birches, clover, corn, elms, maples, and sunflowers

Japanese stiltgrass

Scientific name: Microstegium vimineum
Common names:  Japanese stiltgrass, Nepalese browntop
Form: annual grass
Native status: invasive
Origin: Asia

Galium sphinx

Scientific name: Hyles gallii
Wing span: 2 1/2 - 3 1/16 inches
Range: Maine to Pennsylvania; west to Alaska and California. Also found in Eurasia.
Flight period: May-October
Hostplants: fireweed, woodruff, and bedstraw

Wild bergamot

Scientific name: Monarda fistulosa (mint family)
Common names: wild bergamot, bee balm
Form: herbaceous perennial
Native status: native to U.S.

Yellow trout lily

Scientific name: Erythronium americanum (lily family)
Common names:  yellow trout lily, yellow dogtooth violet, yellow adder’s tongue
Form: perennial herb
Native status: native to U.S.

Hairy bittercress

Scientific name: Cardamine hirsuta (mustard family)
Common names:  Hairy bittercress, lamb's cress, land cress, hoary bitter cress, spring cress, flick weed, shot weed
Form: annual herb
Native status: invasive
Origin: Asia and Europe

Narrow-leaved bittercress

Scientific name: Cardamine impatiens (mustard family)
Common names:  narrowleaf bittercress, narrow-leaved bittercress, bushy rock-cress
Form: annual or biennial forb
Native status: invasive
Origin: Europe

Banded hairstreak

Scientific name: Satyrium calanus (Lycaenidae family)
Wing span: 1 - 1 1/2 inches
Range: common east of the Rocky Mountains
Flight period: June and July
Hostplants: oak, walnut, hickory

Black swallow-wort

Scientific name: Cynanchum louiseae (Milkweed family)
Common names:  black swallow-wort, dog-strangle vine
Form: perennial vine
Native status: invasive
Origin: Europe

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