Predicting animal-to-human outbreaks.
Scientists urge Tree-SMART Trade.
Landmark study seeks to reduce tick-borne diseases in neighborhoods.
street trash
The social justice factor of disease ecology.
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tick dragging
The yard-to-yard battle against Lyme.


Art + Science

Summer Camp NEW!
Grades: 6-12
Is science a form of art, and is art a form of science? Students will explore these questions and more in this new weeklong summer course taught by artist and conservation biologist Hara Woltz.

Featured Research

Lyme Disease Prevention: The Tick Project

The Tick Project is a new five-year study that will test whether neighborhood-based prevention can reduce human exposure to Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. 

Our Science

Infectious Diseases

Illuminating how environmental conditions shape disease risk.

Urban Ecology

Studying how cities can be designed to be resilient and sustainable.

Freshwater Health

Monitoring the quality of our streams, lakes, and rivers.

Invasive Species

Understanding how invasive species impact our forest and freshwater resources.

Climate Change

Preparing for the future, from extreme weather to species shifts.

Outreach & Education

Educating decision makers, teachers, students, and the general public.

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