Our Scientists

Senior Staff

Dr. Joshua R. Ginsberg

  • wildlife conservation
Alan Berkowitz

Dr. Alan R. Berkowitz

Head of Education, Plant Ecologist
  • education
Charles Canham

Dr. Charles D. Canham

Forest Ecologist
  • forest ecology and management
  • biofuels
Dr. Stuart E. G. Findlay

Dr. Stuart E.G. Findlay

Aquatic Ecologist
  • freshwater ecosystems
  • Hudson River

Dr. Barbara A. Han

Disease Ecologist
  • machine learning
  • behavioral ecology
  • macroecology

Dr. Shannon L. LaDeau

Disease Ecologist
  • biodiversity
  • arbovirus
  • urban
  • mosquito

Dr. Gary M. Lovett

Forest Ecologist
  • forest ecology
  • invasive forest pests
  • air pollution
  • climate change
  • nutrient cycling
Richard Ostfeld

Dr. Richard S. Ostfeld

Disease Ecologist
  • disease ecology
  • Lyme disease
  • West Nile virus

Dr. Steward T.A. Pickett

Plant Ecologist
  • urban ecology
  • landscape ecology
  • succession

Dr. Emma J. Rosi

Aquatic Ecologist
  • freshwater
  • invasive species
  • human impacts
christopher solomon

Dr. Christopher T. Solomon

Aquatic Ecologist
  • lake ecosystem ecology
  • fish ecology and conservation

Dr. Kathleen C. Weathers

Ecosystem Ecologist
  • air-land-water interactions
  • heterogeneous landscapes
  • ecological importance of fog
  • air pollution
  • team science: training and research

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Peter M. Groffman

Microbial Ecologist
  • soil ecology
  • water quality

Dr. Timon McPhearson

Urban Community Ecologist
  • urban ecology, resilience, social-ecological systems


Dr. Jonathan J. Cole

Dr. Jonathan J. Cole

  • freshwater ecosystems
  • biogeochemistry

Dr. Clive G. Jones

Terrestrial Ecologist
  • biodiversity
  • environmental management

Dr. Gene E. Likens

President Emeritus, Ecologist
  • ecosystem ecology
  • biogeochemistry
  • acid rain
  • human impacts on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Dr. William H. Schlesinger

President Emeritus, Biogeochemist
  • global change ecology
  • climate change
  • desertification
David Strayer

Dr. David L. Strayer

Freshwater Ecologist
  • Hudson River
  • invasive species
  • streams

Raymond J. Winchcombe

Wildlife Biologist
  • wildlife
  • deer management

Research Associate

Postdoctoral Scientists

Dr. Sarah Bowden

Disease Ecologist

Dr. Ilya R. Fischhoff

Disease Ecologist

Dr. Colin Fuss


Dr. Oleksandra (Sasha) Hararuk


Dr. Amanda Subalusky

Aquatic Ecologist

Dr. Amanda Suchy

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