2017 Hudson Data Jam Competition

Making data "sing" through creative expression

Now in its fourth year, the Hudson Data Jam Competition challenges students to creatively tell stories for a general audience using data from the Hudson River watershed.

Data Jam Datasets

Data Jam Datasets

All of the datasets on this page have been collected by professional scientists or research agencies who have kindly agreed to share their data with the Hudson Data Jam. Each dataset page contains a downloadable Excel file with the data and a brief metadata section describing the research.

New for Data Jam 2017:

Classrooms that participate in The Day in the Life of the Hudson River can now use their own Snapshot Day data as a Level 2 project! (see below) We also have a brand spankin' new Level 4 dataset on PCBs in the Hudson. 

Some pages have significantly more “metadata”, or information about the data, such as where and when the experiment was performed. This year we developed extensive supplemental resource and metadata pages for a few featured datasets. These topics may be the best place to start with students who are new to data analysis. Look for more supplemental pages in the future, but for this year our featured topics include:

Level 1: Historical Bird Migration Data, Oxygen Levels & Invasive Aquatic Plants, Zebra Mussel Populations

Level 2: Day in the Life of the Hudson, Glass Eels in Hudson River Tributaries, Historic Pollution and Human ImpactsZebra Mussels and Other Organisms

Level 3: American Eel Populations in Hudson River Tributaries

Level 4: PCBs in Hudson River Fish

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