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Mission & Vision


Founded in 1983, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies generates rigorous scientific knowledge about ecological systems and their importance to human well-being.

  • We work at the frontiers of ecological science.
  • We create excellence in science through innovation, collaboration, synthesis and dissemination of our results.
  • We shape the practice and application of ecological knowledge and discovery.
  • We engage diverse communities in our work: scientists, students, educators, policy makers, practitioners and the public.
  • We use our scientific leadership to convene, educate and inform these diverse communities to ensure the application of ecological knowledge for the public good.
  • We promote and maintain a vibrant and diverse workforce and foster a culture of integrity and respect.


In an uncertain and unpredictable world, Cary Institute is a trusted authority on ecosystem science:  we answer fundamental questions about the complex systems that support life on Earth. We engage citizens, practitioners and policymakers who seek scientifically driven solutions to environmental problems. We leverage our research and syntheses, global networks, public outreach, and partnerships for the global good.