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Our Scientists

Cary empowers exceptional scientists to pursue fundamental questions in basic science.

Core Scientists


Dr. Sarah Batterman

Tropical Forest Ecologist
845 677-7600 x148
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alan berkowitz

Dr. Alan R. Berkowitz

Head of Education, Plant Ecologist
845 677-7600 x311
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joshua ginsberg

Dr. Joshua R. Ginsberg

845 677-5343
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evan gora

Dr. Evan Gora

Forest Ecologist
845 677-7600 x237
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barbara han

Dr. Barbara A. Han

Disease Ecologist
845 677-7600 x135
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winslow hansen

Dr. Winslow D. Hansen

Forest Ecologist
845 677-7600 x138
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shannon ladeau

Dr. Shannon L. LaDeau

Disease Ecologist
845 677-7600 x204
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jane lucas

Dr. Jane M. Lucas

Community Ecologist
845 677-7600 x139
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rick ostfeld

Dr. Richard S. Ostfeld

Disease Ecologist
845 677-7600 x136
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steward pickett

Dr. Steward T.A. Pickett

Plant Ecologist
845 677-7600 x130
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christopher solomon

Dr. Christopher T. Solomon

Aquatic Ecologist
845 677-7600 x133
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Kathie Weathers

Dr. Kathleen C. Weathers

Ecosystem Scientist
845 677-7600 x137
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Research Fellows

peter groffman

Dr. Peter M. Groffman

Microbial Ecologist
845 677-7600 x128
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timon mcphearson

Dr. Timon McPhearson

Urban Community Ecologist
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charles canham

Dr. Charles D. Canham

Forest Ecologist
845 266-3471
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stuart findlay

Dr. Stuart E.G. Findlay

Aquatic Ecologist
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steve hamilton

Dr. Stephen K. Hamilton

Ecosystem Ecologist, Biogeochemist
845 677-7600 x237
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clive jones

Dr. Clive G. Jones

Terrestrial Ecologist
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gene likens

Dr. Gene E. Likens

Founding Director, President Emeritus, Ecologist
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emma rosi

Dr. Emma J. Rosi

Aquatic Ecologist
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william schlesinger

Dr. William H. Schlesinger

President Emeritus, Biogeochemist
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david strayer

Dr. David L. Strayer

Freshwater Ecologist
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Raymond Winchombe

Raymond J. Winchcombe

Wildlife Biologist
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Research Associate

manette sandor

Dr. Manette Sandor

Quantitative and Landscape Ecologist
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Postdoctoral Scientists

Dr. Jazlynn Hall

Forest and Landscape Ecologist
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Dr. Danielle Hare

Watershed Ecologist
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Dr. Katherine Hayes

Landscape Ecologist
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ian mcgregor

Dr. Ian McGregor

Forest Ecologist, Remote Sensing Scientist
845 677-7600 x129
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july pilowsky

Dr. July Pilowsky

Disease Ecologist
845 677-7600 x131
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vanessa rubio

Dr. Vanessa Rubio

Tropical Forest Ecologist
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