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Eco-Camps & Programs

EcoQuest: Grades 2-7 As an EcoExplorer, kids will carry out simple, fun EcoChallenges that will guide them in completing their EcoQuest.

Art + Science: Ages 12-18, Adults Students of ecology will investigate the links between art and science through a series of creative explorations in journals.

Summer camp on our campus has been cancelled for 2020, but kids can still explore the natural world and interact with fellow EcoExplorers and camp counselors by enrolling in our at-home EcoQuest and Art +Science programs.

EcoExplorers will carry out investigations outside of their homes to learn ecology the way scientists at Cary do. The goal of this program is for kids to learn all they can about the ecosystem that exists in the natural space outside their homes, such as a backyard, potted plants on a patio, whatever green space may be available!

The Art+ Science program weaves together ecology and art, offering participants an opportunity to explore the plants and wildlife around them through the creation of field journals. This program is also open to adults.