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Camp Forms & Packets

Please take note of the following information so that you and your child can prepare for camp:

We require three documents for Cary summer camps. Please have all medical paperwork files ready prior to filling out the online “Camper Background Form.”

Submit all medical paperwork via the online Camper Background Form. Alternatively, you can deliver hard copies via mail, in person at our office, or fax. Do not email medical records. Communications via email are not secure. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in an email can be intercepted and read by other parties besides the person to whom it is addressed. Therefore, we need all personal and medical information to be submitted through the secure online form, hard copy, or fax. Thank you!

For safety-related and legal reasons, your child will not be able to attend camp without completed health forms and immunization records. If you have questions regarding immunizations, please speak to your child’s healthcare provider.

Medical Documents

  • Mandatory Physician’s Orders Form - This form must be completed by your child’s physician. It includes permission for your child to be treated with First Aid topical ointments during camp, and provides space for information regarding prescription medications.
  • Immunization records -. Cary summer camps require the same immunizations outlined by the New York State Immunization Requirements for Schools. The immunization records can be attached separately, or they can be included with the Mandatory Physician’s Orders Form as one attachment.

Download medical forms:

Mandatory Physician’s Orders and Immunization Records Form (english)
Mandatory Physician’s Orders and Immunization Records Form (spanish)

You must submit health forms by the following deadlines or risk losing your spot at camp: Sessions 1-4: June 21; Sessions 5-8: July 19.

Camper Background Form

The online form is offered in both English and Spanish. At the end of the form, you will upload files of your medical documents.

Online Camper Background Form

Readings to prepare for camp

Eco-Discovery Welcome Letter (english)
Eco-Discovery Welcome Letter (spanish)

NYS Camp Brochure (english)

Tick Brochure (english)
Tick Brochure (spanish)

Rabies Memorandum (english)
Rabies Memorandum (spanish)

If you prefer to submit hard copies of all forms:

By mail

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Camp
C/O Receptionist
Box AB (2801 Sharon Turnpike)
Millbrook, New York 12545-0178

By Fax

Fax #: 845 677-5976

Camper Background Form (english pdf)
Camper Background Form (spanish pdf)

Mandatory Physician’s Orders and Immunization Records Form (english)
Mandatory Physician’s Orders and Immunization Records Form (spanish)