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Our Expertise

We are an independent nonprofit organization researching pressing environmental issues including the impacts of climate change, freshwater and forest health, infectious diseases, and urban ecology. We are here because the world needs the ecological science to ensure a healthy and sustainable future.

Ebola outbreak in Monrovia CC by USAID

Disease Ecology

To protect people from diseases that originate in wildlife and livestock – such as Ebola, Zika, and Lyme – we are unraveling the environmental conditions that amplify disease risk and developing tools to predict and prevent their spread. Learn more.



We are studying streams, rivers, and lakes across the US and around the world to understand how they are responding to threats like climate change, salinization, algal blooms, and novel contaminants. Our findings guide effective management.Learn more.


Forests provide essential services, such as clean air and water and carbon storage – but they are under threat. We are studying the effects of invasive pests and pathogens, biomass energy, pollution, and forestry practices to inform sound forest management.Learn more.

NYC skyline cc Betty Tsang

Urban Ecology

Sustainable cities support the health of residents and the environment. We are working to understand the urban ecosystem and develop nature-based solutions to combat challenges brought about by climate change. Learn more.